Samedi 13

  • Dudu Tsuda et Miro Soares (Brésil)

15h30 – durée 1h15

20h30 – durée 1h15

Performance « Le temps suspendu » dans salle sous arcades ou pelouse selon la météo

  • Larissa Fassler (Grande Bretagne)

15h00 à 19h00

Installation dans salle sous arcades sur le thème de la gare du nord

For the past 8 weeks I have been going to Gare de Nord everyday, at different times of day, spending anywhere from 1 to 6 hours mapping the accessible internal ‘public’ spaces of this train station. I create small fragmented floor-plans of every corner of every level, of every tunnel, passageway, stairwell, escalator, elevator, entrance, and exit. As I walk and map these spaces I count my footsteps in order to establish the dimensions of each space (These are the numbers  found in many of the drawings).

As well as measuring, drawing, and trying to understand how one space connects to the next, I also make notes based on observations in a small additional notebook. I record what people wear, what people do - kissing, snapping fingers, carrying bags. I make notes of the sounds, colors, smells, or the movement of the different security teams whether army, police, SNCF or orange vested security guards. I notice where homeless people sleep or stash their wears, where men hang out, where and who circulates asking for money, and when and by whom they are chased out of the station. I chronicle the police stop-and-search actions, the moment when 40 or so British moms and children boarded the Eurostar all wearing Mickey Mouse ears, as well as the dozens and dozens of people who push through the barricades illegally using an astonishing array of different techniques. 

Through my research and work I explore how space is animated and experienced, and hope to provide a deeper understanding of architecture as a constructed, social space. 

  • Tam Ochiai (Japon)

15h00 à 19h00

Installation dans salle sous arcades avec ses travaux en cours

Visite d’ateliers d’artistes 15h30 à 19h00

  • Luc Paradis (canada) arts visuels
  • David Manchini Zanchi (Italie) arts visuels
  • Jane Koh (Taiwan) arts visuels
  • Stephanie Burt (Etats Unis) arts visuels